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The Astros have been connected to Yu Darvish at various points throughout the offseason, and owner Jim Crane confirmed to reporters today that his club is in the market for a top-shelf pitching addition (Twitter links, with video, from’s Alyson Footer). Crane didn’t suggest that his front office is zeroed in on one particular target, instead suggesting that an upgrade could come either via free agency or trade.


애스트로스가 다르빗슈 유와의 연결을 금번 오프시즌 내내 이어가고 있는 가운데, 짐 크레인 구단주가 기자들과의 인터뷰에서 구단이 최고의 선발투수를 영입하기 위한 시장에 참전해있음을 인정했다. 특정한 목표를 정해둔 것은 아니고, FA나 트레이드를 통해 업그레이드를 추진할 수 있을 것이라고 한다.


The Angels announced tonight that they’ve agreed to terms on a one-year, Major League contract with veteran catcher Rene Rivera. In order to clear a spot on the 40-man roster, the Halos have designated lefty Nate Smith for assignment. As Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reports, via Twitter, Smith is undergoing shoulder surgery and is expected to miss the entire 2018 season. Rivera will be guaranteed $2.8MM on his deal with the Angels, Fletcher reports (also via Twitter).

에인절스가 베테랑 포수 레네 리베라와 1년 $2.8M을 보장받는 계약을 받았다고 Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register가 보도했다.


The Mets have reached an agreement to bring outfielder Jay Bruce back to New York, reports ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick (on Twitter). Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic tweets that it’s a three-year, $39MM contract, adding that the deal is still pending a physical. Bruce is represented by Sosnick, Cobbe & Karon.


메츠가 외야수 제이 브루스와의 계약에 합의했다고 ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick이 보도했다. 3년 $39M 규모의 계약이라고 Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic이 보도했다.


USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reports that Bruce will earn $10MM in 2018 and $13MM in both 2019 and 2020 (Twitter links). The contract also comes with a $3MM signing bonus that will be paid in two installments of $1.5MM — one in 2019 and one in 2020.


브루스는 2018년에 $10M, 2019년과 2020년에 $13M을 받게 된다고 USA Today’s Bob Nightengale이 보도했다. $3M의 계약금도 있으며 2019년과 2020년에 $1.5M 씩 분할지급된다고 한다.


Ken Davidoff of the New York Post reports that Bruce’s contract also contains limited no-trade protection (Twitter link). He’ll be able to specify five clubs to which he cannot be traded without each consent on an annual basis, according to Davidoff.


브루스의 계약은 제한적인 트레이드 거부권이 포함된다고 Ken Davidoff of the New York Post가 보도했다. 매년 5개 구단을 거부대상으로 지정할 수 있다고 한다.


Yu Darvish is widely considered to be the top starting pitcher available in free agency, and while his market — like the market of nearly every other top free agent this winter — has been slow to progress, Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Darvish has whittled the decision down to a handful of teams: the Rangers, Cubs, Astros, Twins and Yankees. Darvish himself has hardly been shy about stirring the pot on social media this winter, though, and he created an additional layer of intrigue tonight when he responded to the report by tweeting: “I know one more team is in.” The Dodgers may very well be the sixth team to which Darvish alluded, as Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times tweeted tonight that Los Angeles “remains in the mix” to bring Darvish back to L.A.

다르빗슈 유는 금번 FA 시장에서 최고의 선발투수로서 여겨지고 있는데, 계약이 다소 늦어지고 있는 상황에서 Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram은 다르빗슈가 레인저스, 컵스, 애스트로스, 트윈스, 양키스 정도로 후보군을 압축했다고 보도했다. 그리고 다르빗슈는 자신의 트위터를 통해 "한 팀을 더 알고 있다" 라고 언급하였는데, Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times는 다저스 역시 다르빗슈와 연결되어 있다고 보도하였기에 다저스가 여섯번 째 팀으로 추가될 수 있다.


It has been known for some time that the Red Sox and J.D. Martinez have ongoing interest, with Boston reportedly dangling a five-year offer. In the latest update, Jon Heyman of Fan Rag writes that “acquaintances” of the open market’s top slugger believe Martinez is willing to wait to get a six-year deal — even if it means allowing camp to open without a contract in place.

레드삭스와 J.D 마르티네스의 상호 간 관심은 꾸준히 보도된 바 있는데, 보스턴이 5년계약 방침을 고수하고 있는 상황이다. 그런 상황에서 Jon Heyman of Fan Rag는 마르티네스의 '지인'들이 그가 무조건 6년 계약을 얻으려 할 것이라고 생각한다는 소식을 보도했다 - 스프링캠프가 열리는 시점까지 계약을 못하는 것을 감수하고서라도.


The White Sox have officially agreed to a one-year deal with free agent righty Miguel Gonzalez, as Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic first reported (via Twitter). He’ll receive a $4.75MM salary, the team announced (and as Chris Cotillo of SB Nation tweeted). Outfielder Jacob May was designated for assignment to open a roster spot.


화이트삭스가 FA 우완투수 미겔 곤잘레스와 1년 $4.75M의 계약을 맺었다고 발표했다.


The A’s announced on Wednesday that they’ve agreed to a one-year deal with outfielder/designated hitter Khris Davis, thus avoiding arbitration. Terms of the contract weren’t announced, but FanRag’s Jon Heyman reports that Davis, an Octagon client, agreed to a $10.5MM salary for the 2018 season (Twitter link). The slugger had a projected arbitration salary of $11.1MM, per MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz.


어슬래틱스가 외야수 크리스 데이비스와 $10.5M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.


The Indians have avoided arbitration with closer Cody Allen by agreeing to a one-year deal worth $10.575MM, as Tom Withers of the Associated Press was first to report (via Twitter). Allen, a client of Meister Sports Management, had a projected arbitration salary of $10.8MM, per MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz.


인디언스가 마무리투수 코디 앨런과 1년 $10.575M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.


D-backs lefty Patrick Corbin has signed a one-year contract for the 2018 season, the club announced tonight. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale tweets that Corbin, who will be a free agent next season, will earn $7.5MM in his final season of arbitration. That comes in shy of his $8.3MM projection, though it’s nonetheless nearly twice what he made in 2017 ($3.95MM).


디백스가 좌완투수 패트릭 코빈과 $7.5M에 FA 직전시즌인 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.


The Rockies have avoided arbitration with outfielder Charlie Blackmon by agreeing to a one-year deal worth $14MM, according to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports (Twitter link). The ACES client had a projected arbitration salary of $13.4MM, per MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz. Matt also took a more in-depth look at Blackmon’s case and some of the intricacies surrounding his projection as part of his Arbitration Breakdown series.

로키스가 외야수 찰리 블랙먼과 1년 $14M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.


The Blue Jays and third baseman Josh Donaldson have avoided an arbitration hearing by agreeing to a $23MM salary for the 2018 season, reports Shi Davidi of Sportsnet (via Twitter). That massive payday represents an all-time record payout for an arbitration-eligible player on a one-year contract. Donaldson, a client of MVP Sports Group, is entering his final year of team control and will be a free agent following the season.


블루제이스가 3루수 조쉬 도널슨과 $23M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다. FA를 앞둔 시즌이다.


The White Sox avoided arbitration with slugging first baseman Jose Abreu today, agreeing to a one-year deal worth $13MM (as first tweeted by FanRag’s Robert Murray). Obviously, Abreu’s contract lands well shy of the hefty $17.9MM projection generated by the arbitration projection model of MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz, as well as the $17MM figure that Swartz referenced in a more in-depth breakdown of Abreu’s arbitration case.


화이트삭스가 1루수 호세 아브레유와 1년 $13M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.


The Nationals have agreed to a 2018 contract with third baseman Anthony Rendon, the team announced. He’s set to earn $12.3MM, according to Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post (via Twitter).


내셔널스가 3루수 앤서니 론돈과 $12.3M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.


The Orioles have agreed to a one-year deal with injured closer Zach Britton, thus avoiding arbitration, Dan Connolly of reports (Twitter links). Britton will get a raise from $11.4MM to $12MM under the new contract. Britton caeme with a projected arbitration salary of $12.2MM, via MLBTR contributor Matt Swartz.


오리올스가 부상을 당한 마무리투수 잭 브리튼과 $11.4M에서 $12M까지 증가할 수 있는 조건으로 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.


The Cubs have reached a record-setting deal with star third baseman Kris Bryant, according to Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times (via Twitter). He will earn $10.85MM, setting a new high-water mark for first-time arb-eligible players.


컵스가 3루수 크리스 브라이언트와 $10.85M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다. 연봉조정 1년차 선수로서는 신기록이다.


Despite earlier indications to the contrary, the Orioles have agreed to avoid arbitration with third baseman Manny Machado, according to’s Mark Feinsand (via Twitter). A prior report from Feinsand indicated the sides were headed for a hearing, but they have instead settled at $16MM.


오리올스가 3루수 매니 마차도와 $16M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.


The Astros have settled with starter Dallas Keuchel, as Jake Kaplan of the Houston Chronicle first tweeted. Keuchel will earn $13.2MM, per Jon Heyman of Fan Rag (via Twitter).


애스트로스가 선발투수 댈러스 카이클과 $13.2M에 2018년 연봉계약을 맺었다.

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